Safety first
The undisputed market leader
in the Benelux countries!
WB Firepacks

WB Firepacks develops, manufactures, installs, repairs, and maintains Firepacks: diesel and electromotor powered pump sets for fire extinguishing installations. Every day, we work on the core of fire safety. Every aspect of the inside and outside of the pump room – the heart of the installations – receives our express attention. We supply Firepacks to sprinkler fitters and end users across Europe. We are the undisputed market leader in the Benelux countries. 


Safety always comes first. Every environment has its own unique characteristics, and therefore calls for its own fire extinguishing method, such as water, foam, or vapour. That is why we design and provide custom solutions for all projects: from hotels to schools, from tunnels to industrial plants. Have a look below for our solutions and supplemental services.

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WB Firepacks Academy

Technological progress marches on. Particularly where safety is concerned, it is important to attend training and retraining. WB Firepacks Academy caters to Firepacks technicians, engineers, designers, consultants, insurers, and operators (both fitters and end customers) working in the field of fire prevention and sprinkler security. Our Academy offers specially developed programmes in terms of weekly testing and specific product training.

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